“Life is not what we make of it, but what God makes of us.”

Life is a journey of learning what God wants to make of us. We can’t always make sense of the disparate pieces of our lives, but God can. He helps us find coherence in the confusion, transcendence in the transitory, and meaning in the messiness. As we learn to see fingerprints of his goodness, truth, and beauty, we journey from pieces to wholeness.

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 “Every piece of a puzzle has a story of its own to tell.”

The pieces of my life are not really that fascinating, but they have stories to tell. No overarching metanarratives, but hidden micro-narratives—small observations with larger implications; colored threads in a textured tapestry; water and clay on a potter’s wheel. No piece of a life is too small to have a voice if we listen to what it is saying.

 “Sign on an author’s front door: ‘Books live here. Open and read.’”

Whatever else you hope to find in a book—information, inspiration, escape—you’re entering into an exchange with its author. You’re choosing to engage with the mind and heart of the one who put those words on those pages. When I write a book, I’m inviting my readers to join a conversation. So open and read, but also engage.

“Only a musical Creator could make musical creatures.”

Every song—whether masterful or mediocre—is a narrative of words, stories, and ideas given life in a musical body. Personally, I write mostly for the pleasure of creative expression. I don’t consider myself a performing or a recording artist, and yet like every other songwriter I hope that my songs will be heard. That’s why they’re here.

“A picture is worth a thousand words, a word ten thousand pictures.”

Even with all the right gear, I was never more than a wannabe photographer. Now, with only my iPhone, I can be a phoneographer—no more bulky DSLR, cryptic settings, and bag of lenses and gear. Now it’s only about catching life in the moment—observing and capturing a story as it happens. That’s a much better picture.