Songs of Faith

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As soon as I became a believer in 1974 I started writing songs about my faith. Songwriting at its most basic is the crafting of words to share an idea or story in a lyrical form, and the use of music (melody, harmony, and rhythm) to embody the pathos inherent in those words. Writing songs was a creative way not only to record but also to process my new faith—songs about trust, hope, wisdom, God, Jesus, and the Christian life. I always tried to write with some purpose in mind—to encourage, challenge, inspire, or lift up. But then, I also wrote songs that I just hoped would be enjoyed. So, sing along. 

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WHAT GOES AROUND - The Christian’s faith journey has always captivated my imagination. Of all my songs, this “song of sojourn” is probably my favorite. In Ecclesiastes 1:9, Solomon essentially says of life, “What goes around comes around again.” That became a musical reflection for me of life as a family and how God as a “cool, refreshing wind” just “keeps coming ‘round again.”

I WILL FOLLOW YOU HOME - This is another sojourn song, but with a more epic perspective. I had in mind the kind of “path of life” story that Bunyan visualized in A Pilgrim’s Progress, but tried to capture it in a single song. In a very general sort of way, it could be a personal testimony song, but even more it is a narrative of the hope that we as Christians hold, that our faith will not be in vain.

I LAY IT ALL DOWN - This is a musical expression of what it means to surrender to Christ—to lay down at the foot of the cross anything and everything that could come between myself and my Lord. The song never mentions idols, but in a sense it is about rejecting any idols in my life, the earthly things that I wrongly trust in or rely on. Only Christ can fill the need in my soul for a Savior.

BREATH OF PRAYER - (Live performance, Joel on piano) Sarah, in her 20s, was on her way home in winter from a long road trip. Just a few hours from home she found herself suddenly spinning around on early morning black ice with semis bearing down. Telling her story later she mentioned saying a “breath prayer” as it happened (“Lord have mercy”). That word seed became a song.


There Is a Place (My Heart Calls Home)
Breath of Prayer
This I Believe (Credo)
Love Makes the Word Go Around
Renew My Heart O God
It Was Love
Jesus Took My Blues