Songs of Life

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My musical style has always been generally folk and acoustic, but I’ve also enjoyed attempting to write songs in a wide variety of genre. So this page is the collectionary for all the rest of the kinds of songs I’ve written through the years. Many come from my musical roots in the Folk music of the 60s. Some from my season of trying (with great hope but little success) to write Country music. Others are attempts at various musical forms. All are just songs about things I wanted to write about. Whatever makes it into this particular collection of songs, they all fit under the “that’s life” category.

Lyrics: Click on the linked song title in the text box to open a lyric PDF in a separate window.

LET LOVE LEAD YOU HOME - I tried to get the elements of story into this song about family and home and the power of love. Home is a place too many too often feel they need to leave, whether by choice or circumstance, until they realize it’s the place that never leaves them.

ONLY LOVE - Relationships are difficult, but no more so than when two people make a commitment to become one toegether. The very love that brings two very different people together can also bring pain and separation, but it’s also the only thing that can heal and unite them.

I’LL GIVE YOU MY HEART - Love songs were never my musical forte as a songwriter, but I wrote this one thinking back on 14 years of marriage and family with Sally. It is a contemplation of how little I had to give at that point, but knowing that giving my heart was all that was really needed.


One More Child
The River of Life