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Mostly I play rhythm guitar—good for worship leading, although it can be limiting as a singer-songwriter. Still, I’m at home in Folk, Country, Celtic, Acoustic, Blues, and Gospel. Occasionally, I’d move out of my lane and try something new, but it was always a short-lived journey. A few times I’ve written music for someone else’s lyrics, which I found to be a rewarding challenge. This catchall category is also where I can put some older songs of less than stellar quality—raw and unplugged guitar-vocal musical moments, one-take songs recorded on my iPhone, or on older media not nearly so forgiving.

Lyrics: Click on the linked song title in the text box to open a lyric PDF in a separate window.

LULLABY - The heart of this song is a Celtic fairy tale told in verse. It is a fantastical story told by a parent on a young child’s bed looking out the window as moonlight shines and crickets sing. I enjoyed finding a simple tune and fingerstyle folk guitar arrangement for this sweet lullaby.

FOR A LITTLE WHILE - Life never seems to take a slow train. Before we know it, we’re looking back with resigned regret, but also with hesitant hope. We’re willing to settle for even just a brief touch of love and life before both are gone. I tried to capture that wanting mindset musically.

NO DANCING HERE TONIGHT - Rebecca’s lyrical mini-sketches in this evocative song focus on people without hope on the “hopeful side of town,” those we observe but don’t truly see. I’m not an R&B songwriter, but it seemed like the appropriate sound for these micro-stories of hidden people.

COLLECT THE YELLOW VIOLETS - All life is indelibly tinged with pain and sorrow. Those threads run in the tapestry of every life lived on this fallen earth. Rebecca’s redolent and spare lyrics remind us that threads of hope can be woven in, too. I hope I found a plaintive musical voice.