Psalms (Scripture)

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For most of my writing life, I’ve been drawn to putting Scripture to music on my guitar, both as Scripture-only and Scripture-based songs. The book of Psalms, as the worship songbook for the people of Israel, has always been an especially rich source for songwriting, but all of Scripture provides lyrics of beauty, thanks, praise, conviction, and inspiration. I’ve enjoyed writing for congregational singing, for personal encouragement, and for creative expressions of God’s truth. I’ve tried to preserve some of the better ones here, and will continue to write and record new Scripture songs.

Lyrics: Click on the linked song title in the text box to open a lyric PDF in a separate window.

SEARCH ME (PSALM 139) - In his best poetic style, David explores and expounds on eternal truths about the all-seeing, all-knowing, faithful God of Israel. He concludes his psalm with a call to God to defeat the wicked, and with a prayer of submission and supplication. In the concluding stanza, this song’s “spoken word” lyrics are the first six verses of Psalm 139 verbatim (NASB).

FOR WHO IS GOD? (PSALM 18:31) - A psalm of David giving thanks and praise to God for deliverance from his enemies. His rhetorical question is a declaration of his trust in God: “For who is God but the Lord?” This is a (nearly) verbatim chorus of verses 30-33 (NASB). It was on my first album in 1979, and probably one of the first songs I felt needed added piano to make it right.

HE SHALL NOT BE MOVED (PSALM 15) - Another psalm of David, this one asking: Who is able to remain in God’s presence? I wrote this simple chorus for a series of sermons on Psalm 15 preached by a friend in Vienna, Austria. The “Thy”s are from the 1977 version of the NASB. The sound is from the praise chorus era. This song was included on my second album in 1985.


Our Father (Matt 6:9-13)
King of All the Earth (Ps 47)
The Good Way of God (Jer 6:16)
Not to Us O Lord (Ps 115)
He Is Good (Ps 118)